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Elon Musk's "Boring Company" Starts Work on Its First Commercial Tunneling Project in Las Vegas

Billionaire Elon Musk founded The Boring Company (TBC) in December of 2016 with the goal of greatly reducing the cost of building tunnels and tunnel-based transportation systems. Part of his inspiration for entering into the business was his frustration with gridlock traffic in Los Angeles and the general limitations of the world's current "2-dimensional, road-based" transportation networks. The company's focus has been on developing tunneling methods and designs with which will speed up the tunnel construction process while greatly reducing costs.

International Construction News: $52-Billion Magnetic Levitation Train Project Underway in Japan

The Chuo Shinkansen project is a magnetic levitation ("maglev") railway project currently underway in Japan, being built by the Central Japan Railway Company. While Japan is famous for its high-speed bullet trains (which have been in operation since 1964), this new maglev train line will reportedly cut rail travel time between Tokyo and Nagoya by 50% when completed in 2027. With trains traveling faster than 265 mph, this will decrease the time for the 178-mile trip to just 40 minutes.

Construction Industry News: High-Speed Rail Project in Texas Move Closer to Reality with Major Contract Awarded

In September of 2019, Texas Central announced the signing of a Design-Build contract with a joint venture partnership of the Italian-based Salini Impreglio (one of the largest civil engineering contractors in the world) and its U.S. Subsidiary Lane Construction Corp. related to a planned high-speed rail project which would connect Dallas, the Brazos Valley and Houston, TX.

Beacon Consulting Sponsoring 14th Annual Women in Construction Conference (October 18, 2019, Washington, D.C.)

Beacon Consulting Group, Inc. is once again a sponsor of the Women in Construction Conference which will be taking place on Friday October 18th in Washington, D.C. (Marriott Marquis, 901 Massachusetts Ave NW). The conference's organizer, Women in Construction, Inc., is the Mid-Atlantic region’s premiere forum for professional development and networking in the construction industry. Beacon Project Engineer Myat Cyn will be attending the event...

Modular Construction On The Rise In U.S. and Abroad: Here's Why

Modular construction is growing in popularity in the U.S. and internationally. Modular construction is a method of construction which involves pre-building standardized sub-structures (or "modules") of a structure in an off-site factory, then delivering them for on-site assembly. According to one recent article, more than a dozen modular projects have been either built or launched in the New York City area over the last few years. According to one industry group (the Modular Building Institute), the U.S. modular construction business has doubled in size to $8 billion in the past five years...

Construction Project Management Software: Benefits, Highlights and Lessons Learned

During the course of helping to analyze, re-let, manage and monitor troubled construction projects, Beacon's team often requests and reviews a large number of construction project documents, images and a variety of other files from General Contractors, Construction Management companies, developers and other entities involved in the project. On well-managed projects, getting access to construction project information is made much easier through the use of Project Management / Document Management software. This article provides a quick overview of some of the main software solutions...

Beacon Consulting Group Will Participate On Expert Panel Discussing New Construction Technologies at Pearlman 2019 Conference

The Pearlman Association is an organization dedicated to the education and development of surety professionals. Every September, the organization holds its annual meeting in Woodinville, WA. In early September (9/4-9/6), Beacon's team will be participating at Pearlman's 2019 conference. Dennis O'Neill (Beacon's President) and Kieran O'Connor (Project Manager) will be panel members discussing New Technology Trends in the Construction Industry.

Construction of New Buildings & Facilities Essential Component of Universities' Plans To Attract Top Students, Teachers & Researchers

If you have visited the campus of virtually any U.S. university in the past few years, you were likely to encounter an active construction site on campus with at least one major project under development. In addition to the inevitable need to replace aging buildings and infrastructure, building cutting-edge facilities has become essential for any university seeking to stay competitive. Thus, the multi-year "Master Plans" for many leading universities in the U.S. reference the construction of updated campus buildings and facilities...

NYC Construction News: Hudson Yards Public Space has Become One of the City's Hottest Tourist Attractions

Located between 10th and 12th Avenues from West 30th to West 34th Street, Hudson Yards is a private real estate development located on the West Side of New York City. It is reportedly the largest private real estate development in the United States by area. Upon completion, 13 of the 16 planned structures on the West Side of Midtown South will sit on a platform built over the West Side Yard (a storage yard for Long Island Rail Road trains). The first of Hudson Yards' two phases opened in 2019. It includes a public green space and eight buildings which include residences, a hotel, office buildings, many retail shops, and cultural institutions. The second phase, projected to be completed by 2024, will include additional residential space, an office building, and a school...